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Vacation 2014 – Best. Vacation. Ever.

We arrived back Friday night from our 3 week vacation. We have vacation hangover. Our bodies are not functioning well to daily routine and is craving sleep and adventure. I would love write all the adventures we had, but I am not great with words. So I will leave you with these ramblings that pretty much sums up our vacation and these quickly edited images…

2 a.m. thirsts, windy hair, sandy toes,
3 a.m. dreams, blue tongue, chocolate milk clothes,

nights in a tent, smores under the milky way,
10 thousand foot drops on the million dollar highway,

french fry breakfasts, cheese pizza nights,
one inch elephants, green glow stick lights,

hola, hello, adios, goodbye,
rainbow skies, sweet tea, apple pie,

ten hour drives, roadside shops,
hotel pillow fights, alien stops,

pretzel steering wheels, so innocent and pure,
in a half a mile, take a left, k sure

stars across the skies, rocks along the walls,
ranch dorito fingers, quiet hotel halls,

2 foot indoor pools, 28 degrees,
adventures awaiting everywhere, sand up to your knees,

kiss me in the D-A-R-K dark tonight,
ball-o-rama, honey buns, sheets of white,

roadside wildlife, nightly yawns,
6% steep grades, golden dawns,

spiderman toys, tubing in the lake,
camping fires, birthday cake,

friends in the park, castles with a pail,
water parks, pizza lunch, splashes by a whale.

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