Monthly Archives: October 2014

Our Weekend

My sweet pea had a fever all weekend so we were confined indoors. This is what we did all day Saturday while daddy was at an airsoft game. We snacked, we painted, we watched tv, we napped and repeat.



Drive In.

The Showboat is pretty much our go to weekend hang out spot. You are really starting to pay attention to non cartoon movies and laughed through the movie. You love popcorn just as much as I do. We pile ourselves on top of blankets in the back of the truck and watch movies under the stars. It’s the best.




I love Octobers. The weather starts to get a bit comfortable, even though today was in the 90’s. It’s the first sign of a new year around the corner. Beautiful autumn colors, cozy socks, pumpkin spice. HOCUS POCUS marathons and pumpkin carving. Noah picked out his own pumpkin today!


pumpkin carving