Monthly Archives: May 2014

Beach Cutie

I loved taking these pictures of Chloe.  She was so extremly adorable but they were extra special because it was her first trip to the beach! I wish I could have taken more but we were having too much fun playing in the sand and waves.

chloebeach-1-6 chloebeach3 chloebeach4 chloebeach-4-5 chloebeach-5 chloebeach-5-3 chloebeach-5-4 chloebeach6 chloebeach-6-3 chloebeach7 chloebeach8 chloebeach-11 chloebeach14 chloebeach23 chloebeach26 chloebeach27 chloebeach31 chloebeach33