Monthly Archives: February 2014

My Dear Noah

My Dear Noah,

I have wrote you many many letters, since you were forming in my belly. This however, is my first public one.

My sweet boy, you are the wild in my life. The color that was once black and white. I am so thankful for you in so many ways. You are my granted prayer.

When I was told I was having a boy, I was so overjoyed but equally scared. Where do I buy your clothes? What do boys play with? How am I going to potty train this boy!? These were the questions I asked myself. Now that you are here, it all comes so naturally. What never went through my mind was how much fun and joy we would have together. That the highlights of my day will  be when you wake and kiss me on the forehead. Or when monsters are coming, you hit them to the ground to save me.

Now you are getting so big and growing so fast. You are 2 years old. You are memorizing books and you know your letters, numbers, shapes, animals, directions and so much more. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the haste of your growth. Before you were born, I never thought these were feelings I would experience. I never knew the joy of motherhood. And now I do. I love you with every ounce of my heart, and am so thankful for you my sweet boy.


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